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  Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Brown

My work is my passion, and my passion drives my life. With every character I play, I aim to connect with audiences and engage them with my performance. I’ve been performing as a professional Actress since 2010, but my journey began long before that. I continue to embrace new characters to play, to train, and write!



Dark Wolf Films                       The Table Between Us              Celia

Castle Rock Entertainment        Wind River:                             Woman

                                                 The next Chapter


Northern Gateway Films           Team Bride                              Vanessa

Treaty 6 Productions           Abducted                           Agent Coutre

Independent                       The Choice                         Gina- Lead

Independent                       Let Forever Be                   Lucy

Disney                                Treasure Buddies               Cleopatra


Bhatt Cinemas               Pipe Nation             Responder

BuzzBerry Productions   Health Nutz             Pretty Woman-Principal


Jumpin Joe Productions HSAA                      Doctor

Jumpin Joe Productions HSAA                      New Mom

City Of Edmonton          Beware the Glare    Mom

Training & Workshops

Chantal Peron   |   Acting Coach   |   Ongoing

ACTRA   |   MOW Workshop   |  Micheal Conners

VADA   |   Intensive Film Workshop  |   Simon Longmore

A message from Anna

 “The only thing worth writing about, is the human heart in conflict with itself.” W.Faulkner


As an actress, I breathe life into a writers words and make them my own. Every character I play, has a story and I am privileged to give them a voice. As a screenwriter, I draw on my own experiences, studying character and stories from the heart, about the heart and the conflict within to create original scripts. 

Never stop learning, never stop growing and whatever they may be, never surrender dreams!


Full Resume Available on Request

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